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> SSL Certificates

  • 70% of online shoppers have terminated an online order because they did not ‘trust’ the transaction without a valid www trust seal
  • SSL certificates protect online, internal transactions and sensitive information from hacking and identify theft attacks
  • 18% of SSL certificates of Fortune 1000 companies are expired – 53% of consumers immediately abandon websites when they see a ‘security alert’ message.

With the rapid growth of ecommerce and internet services more and more sensitive information is being stored and transmitted over the internet. Businesses, regardless of size, are expected to keep this information private and secure from those who would look to exploit it.

SSL certificates create a secure, encrypted, connection over the internet which ensures that private information, like personal details and credit card numbers, are kept private and secure. 

Customer confidence in your online brand is key, it is essential to have valid SSL certificates in place on your website - it allows customers to see and verify your company and indicate that you are taking the protection of their personal information seriously.

The Threats

  • Data security: unsecured communications over the internet can be intercepted by hackers or other cyber criminals and sensitive information obtained can then be exploited.
  • Loss of revenue: 80 % of online shoppers want assurance that their information is secure, hence, failure to secure a sensitive transaction via a SSL certificate, can result in lost sales at the point of purchase.
  • Fraud: illegitimate websites can often be used to tempt shoppers with low prices and counterfeit products.

Adicio SSL Services:

Adicio has a comprehensive set of SSL certificates, audit tools and services to ensure you have optimal website security for your online presence.


SSL audit and portfolio strategy:

 A full audit of your domain portfolio and current digital certificates to highlight gaps and optimize your SSL mix based on your  business needs - ensuring you have the most appropriate and cost effective set of certificates for your online real estate.

Multi-vendor SSL products:

 A comprehensive suite of SSL certificates to meet your web security needs. We operate a multi-vendor approach which ensures you  have access to the right product for your needs – Symantec, Thawte and Geotrust.

Single online portal:

 Ability to manage both your domain portfolio and SSL portfolio on the same secure online portal, providing complete visibility and  control 24 hours 7 days a week.

Guaranteed renewal:

 Managed SSL renewal, eliminating the risk of inadvertently allowing SSL certificates to lapse and the associated negative impact of  that on your website – a security alert notice.

Flexible invoicing:

 A simple quarterly invoice, greatly reducing your administrative burden as you will only have to process four invoices a year. In  addition, the cost of your SSL certificate is spread over those invoices.