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> New gTLD Strategy

The introduction of the new gTLDs will create an opportunity to extend brands’ web presence, but at the same time inevitably fragment digital footprints, web traffic and ultimately affect online customer engagement strategies. Trademark owners will therefore need to adopt robust gTLD strategies to keep domain portfolios optimized and protected.

The Threats:

Brands need to be prepared by developing a risk mitigation strategy designed to account for the introduction new gTLDs.

  • Unrestricted open new gTLDs will be available for purchase by anyone as soon as they become available, if they are not protected by existing trademarks
  • Internet users are more likely to believe a webpage is genuine if the domain ends in a certain gTLD - this is known as ‘domain bias’. For instance .group, .institute and .business give assumed credence to a domain name.
  • Third parties infringing on trademarks and intellectual property could quickly inflict irreparable damage on your brand’s reputation in the marketplace.

Adicio gTLD Strategy Services

With the best industry knowledge, subject matter expertise and proprietary gTLD analysis tools, Adicio is uniquely positioned to help brands devise a registration strategy which maximizes gTLD investments and prevents domain name abuse before it is too late and too expensive. The Adicio gTLD Strategy Service includes the following key areas:

TLD Strategy & Implementation:

 End-to-end solution for own brand TLD (.brand) – Strategy and ROI analysis, submission of applications to ICANN,  implementation and launch plan, operational model.

gTLD Registration Strategy:

 Bespoke reports to outline clear holistic registration strategies to leverage opportunities and mitigate threats, including  defensive registrations and domain blocking options.

gTLD Trademark Protection:

 Enhanced monitoring for existing trademarks and rapid enforcement action when infringements are detected.