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Having a domain name is the first step to your online identity. Whether it is to promote your website, or as part of a more global online strategy, domain names are like the window display of your shop, the neon on top of your club, the plate in front of your cabinet or simply the next call to action on your flyer.

A domain name is...

Your online identity: Show the world who you are

The most memorable way to find you: Help your visitor find you by registering something short and catchy. There are still hundreds of thousands of great domains available; try the latest trend by omitting letters to make them shorter and more memorable, such as Flickr.

The keyword explaining who you are and what you do: Domains help search engines to find you as the words in your domain are considered the most important keywords. Therefore try to think creatively by registering names including your activity and location for instance (eg:

The next call to action that your users will follow: Congratulations you just met someone and handed your business card, what do you think this person will do in the next two weeks? They might need a quick refresh of what your business was about, so make your domain big and bold so they have their answer in a click.

The first step before building your website and professional email addresses: You got a great project in mind and will need to communicate around it, make sure you have your domains covered before creating websites and email accounts, that's the best way to avoid disappointment.

The best technique to secure and protect your brand online: You just launched a product in your home country but think that your geographical neighbours might like it too, don't forget to register your domain name with the relevant country codes (.sg/.my/.kr) as well as more global ones such as .com/.computer/.asia, depending on your target market.

In a domain name you could have:

Your name: It always a good start, but sometimes it might not be available (eg:

Your activity: That gives a precious tip to your visitor about what you do (eg:

The country you're targeting: People like to do custom with local businesses. Show them where you come from by choosing the relevant domain extension (, or by adding the country code in your domain (

The type of website people will see: Some domain extensions are very specific and guide the visitor in what they will see. A .estate to promote real estate, a .holiday for vacations, .coffee for cafes etc.. (eg:


Domain names are not just names, they are as important as your business name, they are your key to the online world and need to be chosen with care. You might want to consider registering your business name as your domain name, but it's also wise to have a couple of others targeted around your key words; these could be very useful and might bring you even more traffic from search engines that your company name alone would not!