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> Domain Portfolio Strategy and Optimisation

  • Few organizations have a formal policy in place to govern the management and administration of their core digital assets.
  • A dropped domain name costs on average over 50 times as much to re-register from a cybersquatter than renewing it.

As the internet landscape goes through its biggest change since domain names were first released nearly twenty years ago, the importance of having a clear strategy for the management of domain portfolios has never been more important. 

Adicio domain portfolio strategy and optimization services

Adicio has significant experience in working with organizations of all sizes, advising them on domain name policy and strategy that protect their critical online digital assets and minimise registration costs. Adicio services include:

Domain portfolio review:

  A thorough review of the corporate domain portfolio, including an audit of current domain names and assessment of company  procedures     e.g. internal responsibility for domain names and approach to registrations across the organization.

Portfolio strategy development:

  A full gap analysis of the current domain name portfolio; definition of the optimal strategy for domain names registrations for key brands,    geographies and trademarks; and identification of any potential domain name brand infringements requiring enforcement action.  Definition    of internal best practice policies for consolidated management, simplified administration and risk avoidance.

gTLD registration strategy:

  Fully tailored reports to outline optimal registration strategies to leverage gTLDs opportunities and mitigate threats, including Trademark   Clearinghouse submissions, defensive registrations and domain blocking options.