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What is the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH)?

  • ICANN introduced the TMCH to create a single database of authenticated and registered trademarks, and is designed to safeguard the rights and intellectual property of brand owners and allow all new gTLD registries to connect to one authoritative database.
  • If a brand holder wants to ensure they register a particular new gTLD before anyone else, they have to register their mark in the TMCH.
  • The TMCH ensures that brand owners are notified if a TLD request infringes on their registered trademarks.

Adicio Trademark Clearinghouse Services

When it comes to navigating the complicated trademark submission process, brands need expert guidance and support. Having submitted the first ever TMCH application and delivered the largest amount of successful applications worldwide, Adicio has unmatched expertise and track record in this field. Adicio’ TMCH services are fully tailored to client needs and uniquely differentiated through unmatched value-add features designed to provide greater protection to trademark holders.

In addition to the comprehensive verification and submission of your trademark information to the TMCH repository, Adicio’ extended service also includes:

Protection against non-exact trademark violations:

 The TMCH only provides notice of exact match domain registrations. Adicio also provides protection against all    domains   registered that contain your trademark, including partial matches (i.e. cheaptrademark.tld as well as  trademark.tld)

Extended monitoring across all TLDs:

 New gTLDs will not be the only concern of band holders. Registrations of existing gTLDs and ccTLDs will still continue  to   present problems for brands. Adicio monitors for potential infringements across ALL available TLDs.

Extended monitoring for the lifetime of the TMCH registration:

 The period of TMCH monitoring means that infringements will only be reported for a limited time period. Adicio notifies      when a domain that contains a trademark, or partial match of a trademark is registered beyond the mandated 90 day      period after launch.

Extended alerts:

  Adicio distributes warning notices to multiple recipients within organizations, preventing a single point of failure.

Early registrations:

 The opportunity to register or block domain names corresponding to TMCH validated marks during ICANN’s Sunrise    period for total peace of mind.