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Korea news

You can now secure your third level domain name ( in the Republic of Korea, the country with the largest broadband penetration in Asia.

Additionally, the second level, shorter domain .kr will soon be available to existing 3rd level registrants as well as new registrants. The tentative schedule for the launch of the second level is as follows :

Sunrise Phase beginning 21 November 2006

  1. Applicants can apply for domain names based on existing 3rd level domain names
  2. Applicants with valid trademarks in Korea

Advance queued registrations begin on 28 March 2007

First-come-first-served registrations begin on 19 April 2007.

Registration rules for second level kr domains as determined by KRNIC will apply.

First-come-first-served registrations begin on 19 April 2007.BacTop

By queuing your .kr domain with Adicio, you will maximize the chances of securing your domain. Once your application is successful, your domain will be made active and you will enjoy the value added services that comes with all domains registered at Adicio. 

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