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Brand protection

Unauthorised use of your brand name by fraudulent merchants offering counterfeit products leads to loss of revenue and brand equity. Take preventive action today.

Online ecommerce threats


Retailers lose between $300-400 million annually to copycats and counterfeiters, according to Forrester Research. Listings and content offering unauthorized products on marketplaces or rogue sites expose your customers to pirated or counterfeit content. Unauthorized use of Intellectual Property by third parties in your distribution network leads to customer confusion. This permeates the Social Media networks, amplifying the threat.


Affirmative action


Do not wait until the damage is irreparable. Our tailored service will enable you to develop a complete set of rules and procedures to monitor, detect, analyze and to issue take-down notices to keep the pirates at bay.


Request for a brand audit


Contact us and fill out a simple questionnaire to request for a free snapshot on threats to your online business. Contact or call +65.64418863