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Cybersquatting - registration of a Domain Name by someone who is looking to take advantage of an organisations slow response to registering their company, product and brand names, any derivatives, miss-spellings or hyphenations.

Domain Name - a domain name is your home or address by which your systems are identified and located on the Internet. A domain name often relates to the name of a business, organisation or service,and like any company name, it has to be registered.

DNS - DNS stands for Domain Name System. This System translates a domain name such as into IP address. DNS is basically a piece of translation software that allows humans and computers to easily communicate. The network of computers that constitute the Internet map domain names to their corresponding IP numbers.

The DNS record consists data similar to the following example:
Primary Nameserver: DNS1.YAHOO.COM
Primary IP address:

ICANN - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a U.S. based not-for-profit organisation that oversees the domain name registration process.

IP address - the official location of a computer on the net. Typically four numbers separated by dots. For example, the IP address for is

NIC - Network Information Centres. These administrate Country TLDs in markets, e.g. NIC is Nominet and based in Oxford). Different NICs have different rules which change regularly. Registration Package - Certain domain names that have been grouped together for maximum convenience and cost-efficiency.

TLD - Top Level Domain, any generic or country level domain name, see gTLD and ccTLD

gTLD - Generic Top Level Domain, e.g. .com

ccTLD - Country code Top Level Domain e.g. .sg, .dk , .uk

Registrant - The entity, organization, or individual who is the owner/lease holder of a particular domain name is known as the Registrant. When registering a domain name for a Company or Organization be sure that the Company or Organizations name is listed as the Registrant if you wish for the Company to have complete control over ownership.

Registrar - An ICANN accredited entity (or an affiliate to such an entity) which acts on the behalf of a Registrant regarding domain name registrations or modifications, is known as a Registrar.

Registry - The organization responsible for the actual administration and maintenance of the top-level domain database is known as the Registry. The Registry is where Registrars create new or modify existing domain names for Registrants. For the .com, .net, and .org extensions the Registry is a US government contracted database (Verisign). For .sg, it is SGNIC, etc.

Administrative/Technical/Billing contacts - contact Records are individuals or groups who represent a Registrant on matters related to the Registrant's domain name(s). There are three types of Contacts: Administrative, Technical, and Billing. Different contacts have the limited ability to modify information pertaining to a domain name. A contact may be a single person, a company, or an organization.

URL - Universal Resource Locator. A URL is used to describe the exact location of a specific resource on the Internet such as a specific Web page, computer, or database.

Domain Parking - Registrars require Primary and Secondary Name Servers and IP Numbers for every domain registered (DNS). Every domain name has to be linked to this information for it to be valid (i.e., each domain name needs to have an address attached to it). At the time of registration some people do not yet have Name Server and IP Number information (which is provided by a Web Host), therefore our Registrar offers 'domain parking' (free of charge) on their servers. It is a convenient way to hold or 'Park' domain name(s) for an extended amount of time if you are not ready to use them.

Web Host - Web Hosts offer a service where their "server" computer stores your web site's HTML files, and graphics for a fee. Their server allows your web site to be viewed over the Internet. Adicio does not offer Web Hosting. You can click on Affiliates to select a web host of your choice - You do not need to have a web host to register a domain name!

WHOIS - WHOIS is a term referring to a domain name search feature for the .com, .net, and .org or any ccTLDs database. The WHOIS can be used to search for the owner/lease holder of any domain name which has already been registered. This is valuable information if you wish to contact the owner of a domain name that may or may not be attached to a functioning web site